A study of Thomas Heatherwick’s Seed Cathedral, this section model was meant to explore construction techniques and light qualities created.  By puncturing two layers, the acrylic rods are able to bring light to the interior in a majestic way.
 Spiral Point Brewery as a whole is a journey, just as your visit to Governors Island. The Brewery is a place to orient yourself to the island and surrouding New York, while enjoying some great beer as well as learning about the brewing process. As you exit the ferry station, you are immediately greeted with the extending ramp leading to the entrance of the building. Making your way in the building, you are greeted by a hostess who can either take you down the ramp to the right into the restaurant, or you can continue your journey to the top of Spiral Point. As you make your way, you are met with 7 landings that each host their own bar with a different beer type. Each landing also has its own view specially catered to an important area in the bay. As you reach the end of the consumption ramp, you are then at the point of the spiral, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the bay. You are then ready to go down the Brewing Ramp, where you will learn each step in the brewing process at each of the 7 landings. You are now ready to go meander throughout the rest of governors island, or you can down into the restaurant and have yet another delicious beer.
 A small space in which one follows a path that is meant to evoke calmness and chaos when encountering a particular section of the pathway. The feelings are evoked by metal rods that represent a lifetime from start to finish.
 Six foot cube made for a place of contemplation by using the means of comfort for inspiration. Made with rope and pipe. This was a group project completed by myself, Alex Rostenburg, Rachel Sittler, and Achrista Monson. .
 The Museum is meant to provoke engaging feeling when entering upon it. There are two separate spaces that provoke active thinking and passive thinking spaces. The active thinking spaces are located on the circumference of the building and they are spaces that hold classrooms, artists in residence, and office spaces. This active space extends upon the landscape in order to interact with the passer by. The passive thinking spaces are that of the gallery spaces, the lecture hall, and the black box.